We’re Expanding Our Services To Louisville

Steward Construction Services, a Columbus, Ohio-based drywall and paint service provider, is pleased to announce the expansion of its services to Louisville, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas. 

Steward Construction Services specializes in drywall installation and finishing for residential and commercial building projects. The company has earned a reputation for excellent, efficient, and reliable work in the Columbus, Ohio area and has recently expanded services to Dayton, Ohio, too.

Steward has experience in a wide range of construction environments and specializes in multiple space facilities including single and multifamily builds, mixed use buildings and communities, and senior housing and assisted living.

“Thanks to the interest from our customers with businesses reaching southern Ohio and northern Kentucky, we are growing our service region to meet their needs,” says Rob Steward, Steward Construction Services Owner. “By growing to the Louisville area, our team can continue providing excellent services for drywall installation, finishing, and painting for residential and commercial building projects.”