Multiple Space Facilities Are Our Speciality:

Single And Multifamily Builds

Single family builds accommodate multiple homes in one space while maintaining a sizable yard for each home. We are best suited to build new neighborhoods.

Multi-Family builds are single buildings meant to house two or more families or individuals, with each space having a separate address and entrance. These builds share walls and have smaller outside spaces while including amenities such as snow removal and landscaping services. 

Mixed Use Buildings And Communities

Mixed-use buildings combine residential, commercial, institutional, and cultural builds in one area. These communities encourage convenience and experience living while maximizing land. Often, the first floor of the building is intended for commercial purposes with residential living occupying the above floors.

Senior Housing And Assisted Living

Another area that we excel in is senior housing. These homes offer a variety of floor plans, daily community activities, shared amenities such as pools, general purpose rooms, and game and leisure spaces. In addition, personal services are often offered for the convenience and comfort of the occupants.